Simply, the asshole. The butthole part of the whole ass.
Tim enjoys his scrum being eaten but Christine refuses to eat Tim's scrum because it is far too swampy.

Josh enjoys having his scrum pleasured orally quite regularly.

Shit comes out of the scrum of the as therefore some people do not like to put their mouth near it let alone eat the scrum.

Tims scrum smells like shit and is dense wet and hairy much like a swamp.
by batyodi April 29, 2021
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The act of jacking it while doing a shit. It is said to be the ultimate body relief.
Michael: Luke you look so relaxed.
Luke: yeah i just had a scrum
by brewskies October 12, 2009
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A slang word for a rectum, also commonly referred to as an anus or asshole. A term popularized by the amazing podcast known as "Your Mom's House", where co-host Christine P'Jet-ski refuses to "eat" her co-host/husband Tim Sombrero's "scrum".
Hey baby, will you lick my scrum?

Tina, I would love it if you would just eat my scrum for once.
by bonelesscheese June 2, 2021
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When a person hasn't wiped off semen and it has become dried and crusty on their skin. Usually on a tramp stamp. It is a signature of a dirty, dirty skank.
"Hey that girl looks hot"
"Meh, she's probably covered in scrum"
by taylorbot August 31, 2008
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1) The title of a Shovelhead album (Connecticut, USA)
2) Raym-Co term for gross, cummy-type substance (Plainville, CT 06062)
3) A framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining products in a complex environment, with an initial emphasis on software development, although it has been used in other fields including research, sales, marketing and advanced technologies
Man, Dougie Doozer put too much scrum sauce on his cream chipped beef sandwich and had to make hot brown rain all over the dang exhume flume until Mobin finally made it out of the spaghetti house with Hippy Joel's mystical root dust.
by Sol I said January 15, 2022
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Scrum refers to a man's taint and asshole, particularly when used in the context of a girl using her mouth to bring pleasure to these areas on a man.
"I do everything sexually for this woman, I'm down for whatever, but she will never eat my scrum! :( "
by roadrunnuh May 12, 2021
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The combination of scotch and rum typically mixed with either coke or dry. It can also be consumed straight as a shot or over ice.
Last night I had a scrum or two which caused me to lose my pants.
by ScotchRum June 29, 2011
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