Scroops are derived from the word unscrupulous. They are a form of intangible currency. You cannot touch them, smell them, or see them, but you can most certainly have them. Scroops are like a man's currency for lewd/ridiculous acts he commits. Scroops can be wagered, gained, and lost, and they can be given to a man out of nothing if he has earned them. Scroops are very valuable, so no one has more than about one hundred of them. Use them wisely.
If a man goes to a dance with a girl he doesn't like, and gets way too drunk so he forgets it, and then he punches an EMT in the face before getting transported to the hospital, and gets his emergency room nut, he earns Scroops. If a man busts all over a girls face when she asked him not to, he earns Scroops. Men can wager their Scroops, and must honor the bet no matter the outcome.
by MikeVicksPitbull December 8, 2009
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When a man or woman foregoes their need to have a bowel movement so they can engage in sex and then accidentally has said bowel movement during said sex.
Bro I tried to get a quickie with my girl last night after mexican food and popped a scroop like three strokes in. liquid scroop bro liquid ..... Not good.
by pair a dimes May 21, 2015
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screwed over; to be at ill-fate synonymous with: screwed
My mom caught me smoking last night; oh man , I'm so scrooped.
by urban master February 25, 2005
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The sound that the fabric tafetta makes when it moves.
Her dress made a scrooping sound when she went by.
by Becky Flanders September 15, 2006
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To tickle one's chin and butt at the same time.
To sneak up on a person and scroop them is a sign for true friendship.
by leakyT January 25, 2017
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