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/ skreut. adj. A person with no ambition to better themselves, happy to sponge off the state / welfare system. A social leech. Often of little intelligence or poorly educated, but unaware of their limitations. Occurs within all social age groups (they are living longer despite out efforts to poison with alcohol or tobacco). Often one family member may have held employment within local manual labour sector, and will endeavor to wash at least fortnightly. Their offspring however see no reason to contribute to society, except only to burden it further with their own ferrel inter-related produce.
Due to their social habits and needs scroats are often founds in groups or packs. They have complex interwoven family / community structures which are fiercely territorial. When not in their own social housing area the males can be found looking for anything of value not bolted down. Often congregate outside suppliers of cheap alcohol, betting shops, or post offices (when collecting their benefits). The females however favor pregnancy as a means to securing housing or greater financial income.
by daft-guy August 20, 2009
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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Scroat from the latin scrotum which means thief. However the more commonly used version for scroat refers to a scally, chav, townie. Can be recognised by distinctive tracksuits, shit trainers, white cider, and can often be heard shouting, "oi you dick 'ed" , "giv us your shoes guy", "WhAT YOU SAYIN? YOU STARTIN OR WHAT!!!"
you are a fucking scroat.
your son is a scroat.
Some scroat has just robbed my Trainers/Phone/Weed/Money/anything worth stealing/anything not worth stealing.

High profile scroats include: Lady Sovereign, So Solid crew and the likes
by Kag the barbarian August 09, 2006
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A person or persons of undesireable quality. Pronounced sK-ROWt. Also, Scroats. (plural) Also meaning, "of the scrotum." Scrotum in personae, scrotum personified.
Check out the scroat in the Geo Prizm clockin' those ho's.
Check out the scroat smokin crack behind that car.
Check out the get the picture.
by Barry Rexrothberg October 20, 2007
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The shit youth of today.
Aged about 12 - 16, thats only a guide line this speice is growing and younger and older memebers are turning.

You will never see a scroat on their own, hey always are in gangs, usually hanging around wasting their lives outside shops, on street corners and other public places.

Its certain you will this high squeeling noise wen near a Scroat which goes like "EEERREEEEEEE!"

Dressed in Rockport boots, adidas tracksuit bottom (socks over the bottoms) a dirty jumper, and FAKE Burberry Baseball cap.

Take care, you will be asked for a "CIGGIE"

Mine and Daniel Stephensons collective term for Scroats is, a BAG of.
Look at any youth on the streets today and you will see one.

"NOOOOO Fuck yous its Fucking mi White lightnin fuck youS!!!!!"
by S.Elmes January 25, 2004
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