Music (although it may not sound like it!) resulting from the combination of singing and screaming at the same time.
"Sure, you can change the radio, sweetie, as long as you don't turn on anything involving know I just can't tolerate it!"
a dirty ass person. Usually smells very scringy.
Jim - Damn bro U fuckin Stink
John - No i dont dude
Jim - Take a shower u fuckin scringe!!
by KingKoopster April 23, 2013
Anthony if you don't get it in this hole you're gonna be super scringe, bro.
by Eli_The_Great November 22, 2022
(Super-Cringe) Scringe; a combination of super and cringe aka Scringe First used in a YT video by SMii7Y in ( This Mini Golf video was inevitable )
Dude you’re so Scringe
by TheMidgetMan November 23, 2022
when the dick is put in the ass for anal sex and is then tooken out and the scringe of the ass is leaked out
by idonotknowwhat2put July 8, 2009
Smii7y:”if you don’t get this your gonna be super scringe bro “

Anthony:”I’m totally fine with being scringe”
by LeeMar November 29, 2022