A Scott is tall and slender. He comes off tough and tool-like when you first encounter him, but if you give him a chance you won't regret it. A Scott is caring and motivated. He will do anything in his power to keep those close to him happy. He is selfless and personable. A Scott is carefree and silly. At times he needs to be pushed, but he will most certainly try anything once. A Scott also happens to be very well-endowed, so those who have the pleasure of dating one will not be disappointed in more than one way!
"Look at that guy dance like a fool in public... he must be a Scott!
by KwithanI June 20, 2011
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a mother fucker with a Cobbler Stick. Be careful, he might shove it up your ass.
“You know Scott?”
Mother fucker shoved a cobbler stick up my ass.”
by master prober January 28, 2020
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Scott is the MOST perfect person and boyfriend you’ll ever meet. Scott is also the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. He’ll always make up smile when your sad he’ll always put your life in front of his. His the most perfect kind of person like you cannot imagine someone like him. You are really lucky if you meet a Scott, but you’ll be even more lucky if you meet MY Scott. He’ll wait for you when your texting him and he’s tired he’ll wait to read your text. He’ll go out of his way for you. He also pays attention to the littlest things you say. When your feeling really ugly and fat and jealous, he’ll make you feel like your the only girl in the world. He’ll help you with everything. Scott is also the best kisser EVERR. He’s more then you could imagine I could never ask for more. He’ll love you for who you are and forever. He also never breaks a promise he’ll keep that like how he’s gonna keep you forever. When Scott means forever me means it. Scott never lies, unless it’s someone he doesn’t like but that’s a different story. In Scott’s mind your ideas are better, your choices are far more important to his. Scott is the HOTTEST\ SEXIEST person ever . He’s is also soo

cuteeee I can not explain to you enough about how cute and adorable he is. Scott is the funniest\ funnest person to be around. He’s also friends with everyone. He’ll support you no matter what. If someone is mean to you he’ll stand up for you. But DONT TAKE MY MAN if you do I’ll fight you! And that’s on periodt
Me- Scott ik it’s late and your tired you can go to bed and read me text in the morning.

Scott- Nuuuuu ima stay up and read your txt
by scolettaforever March 24, 2020
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By far the most amazing person you could ever meet. He is kind, caring, smart, and a good listener. He will always be there to hold you when you're sad, make you laugh when you think you're going to cry, and he will be there for you no matter what. He's not full of himself, and he is one of the sweetest guys in the world. If you meet a Scott, don't ever let him go, because if you do, then you will me making a big mistake. He's perfect.
girl: I met this guy the other day..
girl2: What's his name ?
girl: Scott.

girl2: You're so lucky !
by meowmeowmeow. September 21, 2010
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A guy who is very attractive and has the kindest eyes. Though he puts on a facade of total self confidence, he's actually depressed and completely self destructive. If you find a Scott, he will melt your heart with his smile, but deep down here we'll always feel alone. Don't let him feel that way!!!
Female: " You were plenty good enough for me Scott. You were just never good enough for yourself."
by LG2.0 October 26, 2018
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A person you can talk to.
Person1: what's your name?
Person2: Scott.
by Someonewho November 5, 2017
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Scott is a person who is awesome but is humble about it, he is tough and he lets people know, he has a slight temper problem and when enraged he is blinded by anger, he also loves his guns whether they be handguns or rifles and hes not afraid of a fight even when the odds are against him.
Man Scott is one tough mofo, i dont wanna mess with that guy.
by camodawg August 8, 2010
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