feeling or expressing contempt or derision.
"the opposition were scornful of the Prime Minister's proposal"
synonyms: contemptuous, full of contempt, derisive, derisory, withering, mocking, scoffing, sneering, jeering, scathing, snide, disparaging, slighting, supercilious, disdainful, superior, dismissive; More
informalsniffy, snotty;
"Isabel ignored his scornful remarks"
"the opposition were scornful of the Prime Minister's proposal"
by Waver November 20, 2017
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"Our flight was cancelled, I was sat there scorning."
by Haywirephoenix November 12, 2019
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What one feels toward something or somebody despicable or worthless; contempt or disgust, the feeling that somebody is vile or a nuisance.

To snub somebody, to treat them with disdain.

To scoff at somebody, to express disdain.

To reject, rebuff.
Michele Bachmann and her husband are regarded with scorn by the LGBT community.

Carmen scorned Julio as he begged her to come back to him; she'd had enough of him leeching off of her.
by Lorelili August 4, 2011
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You sure it's not scorn? Is it still evny if you been scorned? How would you know the difference? Scorn. And it's a cool word. Sounds like corn. And something you would DO to corn. Like 'Hey can you go scorn some corn for me? We're going to have it as a side for dinner' Yeah? They should have used that instead of 'shuck.' Why shuck corn when you can scorn it? Scorn the corn.
Hym "You sure it isn't scorn? Did you scorn the corn?"
by Hym Iam March 26, 2023
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a straight up G, that loves to eat corn.
deion parsons is a scorn loving G
by blair corn August 11, 2006
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The act of scorning somebody is reffered to by the church as capitalism. It consists of 3 bodyparts that have continual argue of the molecules inside them. has been used in India.
A:hey what is that SCORN on your chin?
B: Thats not a scorn, its a hippo, which I found in India
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–noun sohrn
Science Porn
1. Scientific writings, drawings, or photographs that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification.

2. Scientifically explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.
Sometimes late at night I stay up and watch scorn on the science channel. Last night I got a real good look at a set of beakers for 10-15 seconds. They were huge! Probably 500 milliliters or so. It was heavenly!
by churchskipper January 19, 2009
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