The act of burning (and essentially wasting) the entire surface of a fresh green bowl of dro.
Guy 1 - "Hey I loaded you a fresh bowl man, its your green"
Guy 2 - *lights fresh bowl burning EVERYTHING*
Guy 1 - "You asshole! I cant believe you ALWAYS scorch the Earth. You are fired from this friendship GET OUT."
by KCfish October 12, 2010
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When someone, in a last-ditch effort to get rid of a virus, deletes everything completely off a computer and reinstalls windows.

Origin: When trying to combat illnesses, the CDC or variant for that country will set things on fire to contain the spread of infection. They will burn dead bodies, towns, clothes, food, and even the ground with flamethrowers if there is a reason to believe the virus/bacterium could survive in dirt.
I tried AVG, Avast, Casperky... all of them. I ended up scorching the earth.
by wakkadoodooo June 27, 2012
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When an army is retreating, destroying everything that could be of use to the enemy as it goes ie: railways,bridges,buildings,power,oil instalations etc etc so all that falls into the enemys hands is wreckage&land scorched by demolition charges.
"as they retreated, they destroyed everything in thier path leaving nothing but fire, destruction and scorched earth"
by Recklessxzx September 26, 2008
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At the end of a relationship and knowing how much you despise the person you just left for everything they did to you, you ensure that there is never any hope of getting back together by letting everyone know what that person did to you.
she broke up with him and he went all scorched earth on her to regain his dignity after the way she played him.
by Mr Satans mistress May 13, 2015
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the act of taking every legal method you have at your disposal to cause maximum disruption to those around you without regard for potential social repercussions.
Mom: I am selling the Mustang.

Me: It used to be my car; so let me buy it back!!

Mom: Too late, I sold it because I had the title and I can do what I want.

Me: Congrats woman, I am going scorched earth. I am going to do whatever I can to make your life a living hell.
by inunotaisho April 05, 2020
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characterized by utilizing all methods of legal research, including but not limited to secondary sources, digests, headnotes, terms and connectors, etc.
It seems as if you've under-utilized some important legal research tools; remember, you need to use a scorched earth research strategy thereby covering all your bases.
by Section L & M April 13, 2011
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