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Verb meant to describe any situation where two females engaged in lesbian lust spread their legs wide open facing each other. Then they hook up their meat pockets by sreading around each other's vag. Kicking their legs jumping jack-style is an exciting finishing move to go along with scissor action.
"Dominique to friends: 'I haven't scissored that well since Freshman Orientation, and I'm not talking about any sharp objects!'"
by Jeff Greenberg October 21, 2003
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The one of three possible choices you can make while playing RPS (Rock, Paper, Scissors). This choice is used to destroy is natural enemy, paper. But this choice is very vulnerable to rock... But we don't talk about rock...
John and Steven together: "Rock, Paper, Scissors, AND, SHOOT!"
Steven: *Chooses Paper*
John: *Chooses Scissors*
John: "HA YES! I won!"
Steven (sore loser): "Shut up"
by Minecraft Muffin October 19, 2020
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The act of two lesbians rocking back and forth with their vaginas touching one another
Mrs. Garrison performed hot scissors with his lesbian partner all night long
by Scissor me Timbers April 15, 2007
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an action between to lesbians in which they spread their legs and rub their vaginas together.
Ex. 1. Aww scissor me Xerxes!

Ex. 2. Scissor me timbers
by circa1896 July 10, 2008
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Lesbian sex. When two women put their pussies together to form a scissor like shape.
Oh, Katie, lets scissor tonight. Don't use a strap on dildo or that would feel like I was fucking a man. I don't like penises. I am a lesbian for a reason.

Mm scissors...
by Mable April 16, 2007
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