Scientology is a church started by L. Ron Hubbard
According to dianetics (the Scientology bible) people are posessed by "tethans" (some sort of aliens) who make people sad or confused.
Members of the Church of Scientology believe in two higher powers: Xenu and Money
by Alfred Nonymous May 01, 2008
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A cult formed by the followers of L Rob Hubbard. Followers believe that they are "the elite" of the planet. Staff and "Sea Org" members are paid very very little money, if any. And are expected to give all of their time, money (including savings and income) and soul to the cult. Those who do not follow are shunned and punished. Most members, especially staff, lie, steal, and manipulate unsuspecting people out of their money in order to "go clear" and "go up the bridge" of "spiritual freedom".
I only wanted to learn about life, and Scientology, but I was taken for everything I owned and ended up with nothing but low self esteem and no bank account and no home.
by cinamingrl March 07, 2009
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"A Cult" as defined by John Sweeney who is the definitive decider of what is and isnt a religion.

Scientology - also know as a Sham, Fraudulent, Money Grabbing, Idiot magnet, Hubbard fetishists
That scientologist is gay. Yes, thats because he believes in that crackpot cult called Scientology.
by brainwashingcult May 15, 2007
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A church who realized that everyone hated them, so they got a bunch of their brainwashed members to act like the public and post good things about the church of scientology. Don't believet the lies they feed you.
Bill: I joined the church of scientology
Joe: You also have a small wang
Bill: I know, but so did L. Ron Hubbard
by B-Duff March 12, 2009
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Religion invented by L. Ron Hubbard. Members can be divided into the people who really believe the religion, and people who use the religion as a status symbol because of the costs of being in it (i.e most celebrity practitioners). Some members can be found in shopping malls and other public places, advertising "free stress tests".
by inxblot April 28, 2008
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A fake cult;a "religion" based off of the alien God Xenu. Xenu killed his people and threw them into volcanoes on Earth. People who follow the religion are to pay the religion's leader all of their life savings. If they are told this, they apparently "blow up" even though we have told them that and they didn't blow up. It also has taken our beloved Tom Cruise because of this reason.
Scientology is fake-ass cult used to steal people's money.
by December 03, 2018
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Scientology having nothing in common with science scient translates from xenuian as L. Ron Hubbard's penis and the suffix -ology meaning study of... literally means study of L. Ron's penis
Scientology has nothing in common with science scient obviously is used by actors who can't get works obsession with L. Ron's penis while the -ology means study of. Culminating in the study and cataloging of L. Ron Hubbard's penis .
by bentgenius April 26, 2018
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