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The pseudoscience invented by L. Ron Hubbard and used to give a thin veneer of plausability to Scientology. Dianetics claims to be "the modern science of mental health" but in reality is little more than ridiculous claims with no or fraudulent evidence to back them up. The basic principle of Dianetics is that by "auditing", which is like talking to someone, but much more expensive, you can be freed of your "reactive mind", the area of your mind that, according to Scientology, is out to make you fail at life. The concept of a reactive mind is of course completely false and was only invented to convince people that all their problems in life could be attributed to a single source which could only be cured by Scientology. As if that wasn't enough bullshit for one day, Dianetics and Scientology also claim to be able to cure you of other things besides your reactive mind, such as toxins, drug residues and radiation stored in your body, although any sort of reliable medical evidence that their methods work in any way at all is sadly lacking.
According to L. Ron Hubbard, taking huge doses of niacin can flush radiation and sunburn out of your body. He "discovered" this when he noticed that when people took large quantities of niacin, they experienced a red flush in areas where they had previously been sunburnt. If they regularly took niacin, the flush would lessen and lessen until eventually it stopped altogether. Hubbard concluded that the flush was radiation leaving the body, and that it stopped because all the radiation had been flushed out. Funnily enough, if you ask a medical professional, he'll tell you that a known side-effect of niacin overdoses is that they cause the cells in the body to release histamine, and that histamine can cause a strange red flush. He'll also tell you that when you're sunburnt, your capillaries - the tiny blood vessels in your skin become damaged, that when they heal they heal into a different structure than undamaged capillaries, and that in the event of a histamine release caused by overdoses of niacin, the red flush would look much different in areas with these damaged capillaries. Strange coincidence, eh?
by Underscore January 25, 2004
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A crazy pseudo science, but also...Jack Black sees you walkin but all he can think about is, DIANETICS, your butt cheeks is warm.
Dianetics junior much better than krishna
dianetics junior much better indeed
by whey face February 21, 2004
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The ripped off pseudo-science of a fucked up out of work Sci-Fi hack called Hubbard.
by Finney July 03, 2003
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Basically you read the book and give Tom Cruise all your money. Also Maynard doesn't like you.
by Steve! February 12, 2003
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Dianetics comes from the Greek dia, meaning through and nous, meaning soul , and is defined as what the soul is doing to the body. This has to take into account that there is such a thing as a soul. Popularized by the grand pobbah of scientology L Ron Hubbard. Science being something of proofs or disproofs the name scientology and it's use of dianetics is farsical and insults the very nature of science in the same spirit Christian Science does.
You know Bob that talk on Dianetics really makes me want to give all my money away so that I can exorsise the deamons from my soul, I think you should too. All hail L Ron Hubbard!
by MatrixDweller July 17, 2005
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A nervous twitch that Diane Feinstein gets when she spins the truth in political speeches.
Senator Feinstein got that dianetics again...she must be talking about gun control.
by harry flashman July 26, 2003
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Ron Hubbard's Way. A discipline for the mind and spirit. A specific path through the darkness. Your way beyond death. The biggest problem the Hubbard Haters have with Dianetics is the fact that it works! Live with it, Little Fellas.
Dianetics always comes back to the saying, "Knowing something is better than not knowing that thing." When you deal with Dianetics, Scientology makes sure you KNOW.
by the pro from dover March 27, 2011
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