In other words, the biggest scam on the planet in its entire history. Anyone believing what this "religion" does is true, is brainwashed. They interfered with rescue efforts at the WTC on 9/11, and after being forcefully removed, walked back in, and tried to SELL their shit to people who were bleeding, crying, and desperately looking for friends and family . It's a religion based upon a horrible book aimed at converting everyone to be rid of "crime, insanity" and everything else they believe to be bad. All definitions on this website claiming Scientology is beneficial and good, are probably written by brainwashed arses.
WTC, 9/11 - Interfered with paramedics and others attempting to rescue, tried to make profit selling their books there.

London Bombings - Again attempted to interfere with paramedics by trying to "touch" those they were tending to.

The Internet - Launching cases against anyone and everyone who writes anything negative about them. If they find the person's ISP, they sue the ISP as well.

Free Speech - They claim to endorse it, but one bad word against them turns into a hundred lawsuits.
by Scientology Sucks August 06, 2005
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The bastard cult that killed Lisa McPherson by starving her to death in an isolation chamber.
John: 'Did you hear that the cult of Scientology starved Lisa McPherson to death?'
Jane: 'No, what happened?'
John: 'Look it up, those people are brainwashed to be cruel.'
by HopskotchMofo February 18, 2010
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Scientology was founded by L. Ron Hubbard in the 20th century.

Scientology is practically a fake, lie, sham, con or deceitful, whatever you wish to call it. Scientology takes advantage of the gullibility and stupidity of people around the world, just to earn extra pocket money.

Scientology believes that a warlord known as "Xenu" obliterated a bunch of aliens a very long time ago. The bad souls of the aliens, called "Thetans", feed our body, thus making us depressed. They believe the only way of getting rid of these "Thetans" are to pay the Church of Scientology more money.

Only people with a large amount of stupidity and gullibillity would join this cult, such as Tom Cruise.
If you're thinking of joining Scientology, you are one gullible and stupid human being.
by Scientology is Shit July 10, 2008
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Not to be confused with actual science or religion, this sad excuse for a religion is laughable. Created by a science fiction writer "Scientology" is almost like one of those second person choose your own adventure books.

The word science does not actually appear in the name. Instead we have "Scient," a make believe term that pulp fiction author L. Ron Hubbard made himself. He made up this word when he made up his biggest science fiction story of all time, "Scientology."
John: Hey Bill wanna join up at the church of Scientology with me?

Bill: Are you out of your fucking mind!
by alternatealien October 08, 2007
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scientology:"making celebrities pay for religion since 1952"
the biggest con of the 20th century.(thats saying a LOT)
p.t. barnum could have done better himself...
by teh_bl0b April 09, 2005
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