The science of making money that answers the eternal unanswered questions such as "I wonder just how gullible and stoooopid i am". It has been crapped onto the world since the early 1950s by one of the world's greatest con-artists/dipshits, L Ron Hubbard.

Unfortunately the gullible Earth natives to whom this was presented to, they turned out to be so desperate to get a life and to believe this trash which may appear to be handed to them on a silver platter, where infact it was a permanent $100/week subscription to utter bullshit.

The wisdom (ironically, stupidity is much more suitable) of the scientology subject will probably be realized by the current primitives who would be stupid enough to belive they are the hosts of alien souls as a result of an alien warlord who went bonkers with nukes, instead of being pawns in a money making scheme.

Hopefully in a few generations, humankind, if it survives the bullshit of scientology, will evolve from its brainwashed and cash-strapped stage and the generations living then will realize how fucked in the head were people to believe in a cult started out by a small-time sci-fi writer. Hence most of the work of current officers of Scientology is concerned with making money off desperate losers and stoned celebrities.
The simplest meaning for the word Scientology would be BULLSHIT
by truthteller tells no truth August 12, 2005
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The religion created by the minor Science Fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard in 1952. Scientology teaches that you are an immortal "thetan" that is entrapped in the physical universe and your own problems by your thoughts (considerations and postulates). In practice, Scientology is the exact opposite of what it teaches. It claims to free you, but most people would say that Scientologists are brainwashed and enslaved. It claims to promote freedom of speech, but Scientology sues anyone who says anything bad about Scientology. It claims to want to improve the earth, but sues anyone who tries to use it's books and techniques without paying a license. It is a very schizophrenic and dangerous organization whose members actually infiltrated and spied on the U.S. government in the biggest ever case of its type in U.S. history.
If Scientology got big, the people who get in their way would be killed.
by adam wilson July 05, 2004
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Fake ass religion that suckers people into giving money to cheapo bastards. What they tell you about it is that if you believe in Scientology you will be forever happy, however, this is just an excuse to get your money.
Many rich Celebirties are in the Church of Scientology. Hmmmmmm........
by weirdgirl August 07, 2003
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A halfassed plot for a sci-fi novel turned into a 'Religion' by L. Ron Hubbard.
A Scientologist and his money are soon parted.
by Justin June 19, 2005
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See cult, scam and retarded. Basically the religion (har har) of Scientology says that some aliens did some shit a long time ago and that is why people are unhappy assholes. Founded by writer L. Ron Hubbard after he started taking his own books a little bit too seriously (or just got greedy, who knows).

If you pay them you get some devices and stuff that are supposed to purify you, and move you up the 'chain of command' until you get to join some sort of secret inner circle and plot how to take money away from other dumbasses. They didnt even add most of the alien shit until a bunch of people gave enough money to get promoted to the 'pure' stage and still werent happy.

Very popular with celebrities and other amoral rich people because the basic tenet is you can buy your way into heaven without any of the stipulations most other religions put on that, like not being a hedonistic, backstabbing little bitch.
Scientology: Object Proof that Celebrities are Dumb
by C++ August 16, 2005
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Proof that people will believe anything you throw at them.
Mike's belief in Scientology is evidence that, no matter what BS you come up with, somebody in the world will believe it.
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