basically a bullshit religon which desperate celberties believe in and other desperate fucks
Omg! Tom Cruise is so stupid because of his extreme amouunt money he combusted and became a member of scientology just like michael Jacckson, when he turned rich he decided to fuck lil boys and turn white....waaa fucking hooooo yay to all of you combusted fuckers
by miamiheatonfire3 August 26, 2006
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Proof that humans are so desperate to be told what to think, rather than seek and question for themselves, that they can be easily led about by someone claiming to have the answers to all of the burning questions they are too lazy to answer for themselves. Scientology is also an example of the saying, "If you believe in nothing, you'll fall for anything." Intellectually-challenged individuals buy into a philosophy that makes them feel that the cause of all of their woes does not lie with them, but the human existence that they are trapped in.

In essence, Scientologists are a more successful version of furries. Rather than deluding themselves into thinking they are animals trapped in human bodies, they believe they are aliens trapped in human bodies. Scientology is what furrydom or trekkies would be if they became a formally-recognized religion.
"I just had someone tell me that I'm a meek "Earth native" and then said something about them being a Vorlon trapped in a human body. I'm not sure if they were from the Church of Scientology or a furry convention."

"Were they dressed in fake ears and tail?"


"Then they were probably a Scientologist."
by Onikaze March 23, 2006
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the most fucked up religeon in the world.they kill people and stuff.
"hey have you ever heard of the religeon scientology?"
"yah its gay"
by rewqqwer July 29, 2009
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A cash-driven pseudo religion that encourages it's members to dress up as 8' dogs with dreadlocks and run around in the future
John Travolta went to the Church of Scientology to discuss his latest movie treatment
by MightyScoop1 August 13, 2003
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People who think L Ron Hubbard still lives in their minds, thus letting him invisibly suck their extremely tiny cocks
Scientology is something that even fails more then George Bush
by scientologypenus October 23, 2008
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Another fuckin con.

When are people going to learn that the Occult world of gurus and cults is nothing but a scam run by Satan-worshiping con men?
If you're looking for the truth try the bible.You don't have to be lead around by some group of con men who only seek to brainwash you into giving them all of your money.Plus if you actually read the bible Christ warned in advance that these rotten sob's were a bunch of con men.Plus if you get too involved with that garbage then you'll actually sell your soul to the devil.

Turn away from that trash while you still can.
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Scientology is a church started by L. Ron Hubbard
According to dianetics (the Scientology bible) people are posessed by "tethans" (some sort of aliens) who make people sad or confused.
Members of the Church of Scientology believe in two higher powers: Xenu and Money
by Alfred Nonymous May 01, 2008
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