Lyin' motherfuckers who are gettin' me pissed.
<scientists> The net electron spin of the atoms in this chunk of ferromagnetic material is not zero. Therefore, it attracts and repels other similar materials.

<shaggy> I don't wanna talk to you. Y'all motherfuckers lyin', and gettin' me pissed!
by haploido April 28, 2010
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A group of people with the search skills of a private detective who are extremely proficient in finding and posting original sources, names, or links from various online content.

Scientists are mostly seen posting the name or link to an unidentified porn photograph or gif, but sometimes find artacles or news reports.

Users often put out a general call to Scientists if they wish to find information about a post.
"This sexy teen (18+) plays with her big boobs"

Scientists, get to work
by Grey Hexagon February 26, 2016
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Among the least socially responsible people on the planet.
Having scientist on a resume doesn't make someone more trustworthy, if anything you know this is somebody who thinks it's okay to fuck with animals and claim it's for a greater good. It's bad enough that people have turned animals into pets, and scientists think they should be willing and cooperative Guinea pigs for humans.
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an individual who aplies the realms of mathematics and the sciences to do things that are difficule without ever knowing why. a scientist will never care about science ever benefiting humanity, only advancing science for the sake of science
don't be a scientist, be an engineer.
by bmedork January 04, 2004
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