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When someone inserts phrases or words similar or sound that sound scientific so people think they are smart but really they have no god damn clue what they are talking about cause they don't know what science even is -Alexandrasej
Keandre: Look at them lights they look like a spine with osteoporosis.
Rakel: Bih stop sciencing we get it you finna be smart even tho you don't even know what science is smh.
by Alexandrasej January 25, 2017
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Sciencing is the act of doing science or SCIENCE! or even using scientific instruments for non-scientific (or non-SCIENCE!ific) purposes.
"I’m sciencing as fast as I can!"
- Professor Farnsworth, Benders Big Score.
by Mike_gw September 02, 2010
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The rapid collaboration of scientific data, under extreme pretences and or life threatening situations. Often attributed to senile old men in particularly disadvantageous occasions that frequently yell, ‘Good News everyone..’
Hubert Farnsworth: ‘ I’m sciencing as fast as I can’
‘My ass is on fire, and I’m handling volatile chemicals, probably should be sciencing a little better’
by fuckattude January 23, 2015
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A verb for when your engaged in anything even remotely scientific.
I'm sciencing over here!
by Voxlass January 01, 2017
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