When someone is on the phone, texting or are otherwise occupied whilst their friends are in the same room having a conversation. Much like the common internet meme with the picture of the nerd reading a book while a girl is pressing her tits up against him, there is a caption that reads "GTFO BITCH, IM DOING SCIENCE". In this instance the nerd is doing science
Steve: Hey did you see that band play last night?
Bruce: No, how wehere they?
Steve: they were fucking awesome!
Rob: *off in the corner texting his girlfriend
Bruce: Wow, Rob needs to stop doing science and actually enjoy his friends!

doing science
by NicronomiconExMortis January 18, 2012
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To take a dump, poop, crap. To have a bowel movement. To defecate.
Too much pico during linch today, I need to go do science for a bit.
by mangus July 13, 2006
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"Hey you want to go to my house and do some science?"
"I have to work on learning about science"
"I'm going to be doing science later on..."
by Sasha♥ January 10, 2008
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A fantastically stupid way to advise all people on the net that you are a complete and utter prick - using science as a verb is a passing phase but still very annoying and not needed. (one of 2016's ultimate dick terms)
'like, lidderally..., dude, do you even science, bro'

'*rolls eyes.... '
by tom healey September 11, 2016
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