(n) A schwab is a person generally of the female gender who is a slut or dirty skank.

(v) To schwab something is to make it extremely loose and/or wide. (normally referring to a vagina, but can work for anything)

(adj) Something that is schwab(esk) is "loose" or whorish.
by Smokin Ice Cube February 15, 2009
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A verb, meaning to make someone disappear, vanish, or basically cease to exist. This is done in a mysterious and quick manner.
Look, dude...don't make me schwab your ass.

What happened to Amanda? She got schwabbed.
by DCJAM July 2, 2009
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n. one who finds satisfaction in spoiling the fun of others with no clear motive; an extremely uncool preson.
"Your neighbour is such a schwab for calling the cops on your party."
by catastrophysics May 30, 2006
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Dude you're new girlfriend is such a schwab!
by Wesd March 4, 2008
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A schwab is a penis that is wider than it is long. aka a tuna can.
I don't know if the sex was good. It was wierd. He had a schwab.
by Captain Correct January 13, 2008
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The act of performing oral sex on a male.
Hey baby wanna schwab tonight?
by khsmile4 August 6, 2011
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