To loaf around stopping at everyone you pass to have a conversation of some sort. Usually done at least once when you get to work and once after lunch to make the work day go faster by doing less work and more talking.
Look at that mofo over there shulteing around.
by CB April 18, 2003
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The act of inserting a tube into the anus and ciphering out boo boo soup
Man jimmy jons threw up after trying the schulte on his boyfriend
by haagenz March 10, 2011
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a peroson who likes to show off their forearms and other muscular body parts, especially to women.
Schultes showed them last nite.
by beastly man December 3, 2006
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A “schulte” is a log
Wow someone needs to Waterlog that schulte
by Apple uttercake November 8, 2018
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one who has a fucked up "grill" or more commonly known as a shitmouth
by chicks with dicks August 14, 2006
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Part of drinking games involving beer, or an alternative "Bitch Beer" (Smirnoff, mikes hard, etc.) In games such as beer pong, case races, funneling, etc. If any participant belches loudly enough to be heard by an opposing player they can call SCHULTS! and slap that person in the back of the head. The only way to avoid being schults'd is to touch your nose immediately after the belch.
AW Shit... you didn't call schults in time.
by PQGV500 February 17, 2011
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A local alternative rock band with a new sound from Castle Rock, Colorado.
Vocalist: Ben Hilzer
Guitarist: Chris Battin
Rhythm Guitarist: Andrew Butterz Wilson
Bassist: Ian Kelsall
Drummer: Robert Anderson

Popular Songs of theirs include: It Always Comes In Three, Laugh Away the Pain, and Hot N Cold (A Katy Perry rock cover)
Revenge On Schulte played their first venue at the Hi Dive

Revenge On Schulte's new single hit the top of the charts!
by ROS lovr March 27, 2009
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