The School Toilets are places of danger, used in previous by satanists to play Bloody Mary. Where teachers come to perve on you by looking over or under the tiny shitholes they call stalls. The place where bullying is prone to happen.
Teacher: Wash your hands. Wipe your ass.
Pupil: Alright, just piss of you perverted hag.

Pupil: Fuck I need a dump. Miss, can I go to the toilets?
Teacher: No!, you should have gone at break time.

Pupil: Oh fuck, I Shat myself because of that cunt.
Bully: Hey guys look at this Gaylord, (Bully stands on the School Toilets to look over and Mugshot them).
by Somebodythatiusedtoknow. April 02, 2020
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School toilets are commonly associated with satanic rituals and people who don't know how to flush a fucking toilet. The toilets are imprisoned inside of a cubicle with a Non working lock. People will often find messages inside of cubicles, containing phrases such as: “Fuck school" or "*insert name* waz here" Ancient remains of gum can also be found.
Person 1: "Miss can I use the school toilets please?

Comedian teacher: I don't know. Can you?
by I flush toilets, do you? November 08, 2019
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the middle school toilets roam the bathrooms of public schools. it usually has mold and moss clogging it up, as well as poop on not only the inside of the toilet, but the outside as well. not to mention the pee covering the toilet and the sticky floor. the smell is something like barf, stinky socks, and a years worth of farts mixed together. when encountering one, run the other way as fast as you can.
eww, that middle school toilets smells like old eggnog and fart bombs!
by December 09, 2020
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