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Oh sorry i meant ex
My girlfriend dumped me because she thought i was ugly
by Hi peps October 01, 2020

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This thing is the worst thing you can ever have. Say you take a math test and you didn’t know it was happening and you fail; your parent would get mad at you FOR NOW KNOWING A QUIZ. Another example is that let’s just say that you finish early and your teacher says “did you check your work” and you say no, but you knew all the answers. Your teacher will be like “ GO CHECK YOUR WORK OR YOU HAVE DETENTION”. Another example is that in your future life you won’t need to know how to find circumference, it won’t matter, it’s also boring, like really boring. Finally this is what is stands for. Mindboring, Awful, The, hardest, thing ever set there.
by Hi peps November 19, 2019

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On November 28 people will celebrate Tyler, vinay and carter for how much they appreciate urban dictionary.
It’s national appreciate Tyler vinay and carter day. I’ll go over to there houses and give them a hug
by Hi peps November 18, 2019

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National give people food if they like the Detroit Lions
Omg it’s November 19 and I love the lions!
by Hi peps November 18, 2019

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A schools version of cardboard
Mom “why is your butt red”
Me “because I had to use school toilet paper”
by Hi peps March 29, 2021

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A teacher that teaches geography and sometimes freaks out or is just plain old boring. He got fired a while ago
Mr.knowles was a teacher that teaches geography
by Hi peps May 05, 2020

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A guy who will stab your soda and your like WHY IN THE FREAKING WORLD WPULD YOU DO THAT. Then he says that it’s fun and then he stabs you.
My mom is a serial killer. Oh dear lord she’s out to get me,
by Hi peps December 03, 2019

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