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Probably some of the worst things to exist. I'm not sure you can even call it "food" because it really doesn't taste like it. I know that it ain't the lunch lady's fault over how bad the school food is, because they are forced to just heat up the education government official's poop from 30 years ago. If it wasn't for Michelle Freaking Obama back in 2010 ish, then school food wouldn't be as bad. Even at early college, the school food is as bad as a regular high school. Fortunately, I pack my lunch with stuff I love.
Jimmy: Mom I hate School Food, it's disgusting! Can you buy a lunch box so that I can take my lunch instead?
Mom: Sure Jimmy, we know I'm a teacher. And it almost breaks my heart having to see kids suffer by eating 30 year old poop!
Jimmy: Thanks mom! FInally don't have to eat poop
by Mudkipz are da best August 28, 2018
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School food is motherfucking awful and with every scoop of slop you move closer to fucking and it taste like eating filthy asshole
Hey Brad do you like school food? Fuck no you dumbass bitch. That stuff tastes like ass farts in your mouth
by Wienerface buttsex December 08, 2016
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A type of comestible served at places of education worse than many other edible objects available (including and not limited to: paper, grass, shit, etc.) usually served during lunch or breakfast. It is usually dry and advertised as healthy though causing physical and mental suffering. Those serving it will usually not be allowed to make the food better to conform to strict guidelines set by the school system.
"Michelle Obama tried to improve school food but made it worse because most schools love cost cutting."
"The school food is extra fucking awful today, isn't it?"
by sithsiri October 16, 2017
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