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A word used to lament the failure of democracy, implying that it has evolved into half democracy, half Mitch McConnell.
The American democracy is slowly devolving into a demicracy.
by sithsiri November 09, 2020
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When somebody wants to do something to someone out of anger but they can't or don't
She was so damn consterned she almost punched her son.
by sithsiri February 18, 2017
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A type of comestible served at places of education worse than many other edible objects available (including and not limited to: paper, grass, shit, etc.) usually served during lunch or breakfast. It is usually dry and advertised as healthy though causing physical and mental suffering. Those serving it will usually not be allowed to make the food better to conform to strict guidelines set by the school system.
"Michelle Obama tried to improve school food but made it worse because most schools love cost cutting."
"The school food is extra fucking awful today, isn't it?"
by sithsiri October 15, 2017
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Term used to describe a router, modem, or access point by your 10/10 ISP (ex: AT&T, Comcast, etc.) that dies and has to be replaced or repaired more often than once a month. If your routershit dies, it will likely take longer than a full day to get it repaired.
1. Kid: "Mom my Roblox game is broken"
Mother: "The damn routershit is dead again, time to call the ISP for the second time this week"
2. Loyal Customer: "Yeah my routershit went out again"
AT&T Support Guy: "That's nice bro"
by sithsiri September 26, 2017
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an abbreviation for Advanced RISC Machine.

Arm Holdings is a company that licenses the ARM CPU architecture and design to other companies that wish to use it. The ARM architecture has been used in anything from smart refrigerators to home routers, but is most well known for its wide use in smartphones.
The ARM chip in the new iPhone is so fast.
by sithsiri November 08, 2020
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