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When you shart and snarl at the same time, usually facilitated by a obtuse sphincter.

How to avoid Schnarting:
-Becareful when you sneeze
-Becarful when you get mad
-Becarful when you sneeze and get mad
-Becareful when you snarl
-Becareful when you need to poop
One time my Grandma got so mad at me, she schnarted
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by DR. Bitcoin May 15, 2018
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A noise you make to denote amusement, preceding a huge outburst of laughter. Usually made by a violent intake of air through the nose and mouth that makes a reverberating snorting noise.
Friend 1: I just ordered "Charlie Sheen's Recipe for Winning!" off the internet.

Friend 2: *schnart* Bahahahaha! You got scammed!
by Zozothecat July 20, 2011
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