From Yiddish, rendered chicken or goose fat. in east European cooking chicken fat is used as an easy fix to otherwise tasteless cooking. in other words, its a Crowd pleaser.
in jewish slang, Schmalts refers to a tacky, overdone or outright exploitative piece of art or design.
Goyim: hi man, have you seen that food-porn video where they use lard in a matzo-ball soup? i thought you guys don't eat pork.
jew: that's just Schmaltz.
by pizzamaster June 17, 2020
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to take the last of something and not throw away the box or container that it came in, usually causing much anger in the next person to examine the aforementioned box.
Hey I'm gonna get a donut... What the hell, someone schmaltzed the last creme-filled!
by WuBuRZ October 27, 2011
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from Yiddish, shmalts, meaning rendered (melted) animal fat; usually chicken fat. Schmaltz is used to make matzo balls.

figuratively: a work of art that is excessively sentimental, sappy or cheesy.
That old Jewish guy at the next table is spreading schmaltz on his bread. It's so grody!

Gone With the Wind?! Why would you want to see that piece of 1930's schmaltz? Let's rent AVP instead!

by pogo747 September 19, 2006
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Any unidentified, nasty, liquid-like substance; usually very questionable in what the hell it actually is...
Be careful with this container Bill; it's full of some weird schmaltz...
by Testies321 August 12, 2010
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Used in the workplace to describe being fucked over by a coworker who didn’t do their job which in turn makes your job harder.
Travis didn’t empty the trash again and schmaltzed me for the 3rd time this week.
by Boardbuilder January 9, 2018
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a euphemism for gettin' drunk!

entomology: cites the popular alcoholic beverages schnapps and malt liquor.
Clare: I need to get schmaltzed right!
Stephanie: ha true dat
by cevelev February 19, 2010
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