Unbelievably successful businessman. Invented crypto currency and walking, also was part of the band known as 'Big Time Rush' where he was known as Logan.
'Schlatt is my favorite Big Time Rush member'
by frxnchrxsxs September 1, 2020
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bop bo bey buh bubbudy bop boh bay (schlatt)
by portal fan March 19, 2021
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The fucking sexiest man alive. His cock is monstrous and everyone wants a piece of that fucking unit of a ding dong. He also has some bumpin' balls and a sexy pair of mutton chops on his perfect sexy face.
person: hey, theres schlatt

schlatt: i hate fat people

me: impregnate my balls
by tommyinnitseyebrow November 21, 2020
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One of the most beautiful words in the Latin language, also the code name of my boi Chance. A verb, noun, and adjective
Oh schlatt! Schlatt is schlatting on the floor!!!
by Gabooooo August 24, 2019
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a schlatt is a guy who usually says shit on xbox live like "I fucked your mom kid"
person 1: hey, why did you leave the xbox party yesterday?
person 2: there was so many schlatts.
by dalt6n July 7, 2019
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