a schlatt is a guy who usually says shit on xbox live like "I fucked your mom kid"
person 1: hey, why did you leave the xbox party yesterday?
person 2: there was so many schlatts.
by dalt6n July 7, 2019
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a racist content creator that many people still support for whatever god damn reason.
schlannie: omg look schlatt uploaded!!1!!!!!!!!1!
normal people: ew get away weirdo schlannie schlatt fan
by KaoriAnimates May 22, 2021
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A form of cryptocurrency sold by Jebadiah Schlatt - The value of a Schlatt coin only goes up over time.
Hey, want to buy a schlatt coin? It's only 20 diamonds!
by Enderfied July 1, 2019
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(verb) to walk in minecraft rather than sprint as to not lose any hunger, coined by jschlatt of SMPlive fame, although he doesn't do it on purpose. he just doesn't know how to sprint. jschlatt this is a call out you just press shift it's not that hard
"when u see schlatt walkin" -someone, at some point
by coner eat pant July 18, 2019
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Only the finest form of currency out there! You can buy a Schlatt Coin for a small price of twenty diamonds. What is that you ask? Benefits? Why of course there are benefits! It's just like buying a Supreme shirt. It's to show that you have money.
What the fuck is a Schlatt Coin?
It's literally the best form of currency you idiot.
by SpaceOttix August 9, 2019
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by mybritchesaresoiled October 6, 2019
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(Verb) The act of weirdly walking slowly instead of running or jogging because one doesn't think about running. Usually only done in an effort to be humorous. Coined by Twitch streamer and Youtuber, Jschlatt.
Person 1:"Hey, Why are you Schlatt Walking?"
Person 2:"I got no sleep last night."
Person 1:"So just walk normally then."
Person 2:"I wanna Schlatt Walk though."
by FrxstyBoy July 22, 2019
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