Something so AMERICAN you don't wanna end up in the same cell as it.
Wow that glazed-donut-bacon-cheeseburger is violently American!

I don't wanna fuck around with that.
by Senpai of the Pool September 24, 2020
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Public sex between a man and a woman that involves the man screaming at the top of his lungs about how masculine he is
So I was in Tennessee the other day when I heard some screaming and I noticed it came from a couple having sex on the roof of their house. The man in the act was screaming shit like “YES!!!!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!!! I AM THE MOST WORTHY OF SEX!!!!!! I NUKED AN ENTIRE CITY OUTTA EXISTENCE PISSED ON THE BODIES OF BAD PEOPLE I SHOT TO DEATH, AND I OWN MORE GUNS THAN THE AMOUNT OF BEERS YOU’VE HAD!!!! FUCK YEAH MATHAFUCKAS!!!!! And the woman was just there like “aww yeah I love that gimme more. They seemed to be having Violently American Sex
by Yiteziah March 29, 2021
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