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Unbelievably successful businessman. Invented crypto currency and walking, also was part of the band known as 'Big Time Rush' where he was known as Logan.
'Schlatt is my favorite Big Time Rush member'
by frxnchrxsxs September 1, 2020
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Patricio is a really handsome guy. They have a lot of friends and wont feel ashamed of anything. He is extremely funny and entertaining and knows how to make you feel better at all times. He is one of the best people you will ever meet and never forget. Also he has a horse dick. Its so elongated it looks like pastrami.
Person 1: Im so sad, i wish i was like Patricio he is so fine and his cock is so long.
by frxnchrxsxs November 22, 2021
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Most important city in the hell hole known as Ecuador.
'I really wanna escape Guayaquil'
by frxnchrxsxs September 1, 2020
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