When someone wears way too much perfume or cologne, and you are forced to sit next to them.
I was forced to serve a two hour scentence next to Dana. She smelled like she took a bath in Love's Baby Soft.
by VickyHatesYourSmell September 1, 2007
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a combination of words that smell fuckin' great together!

"remember when that homeless guy asked us to put our bacon in his unwashed sock? that smelt so good."

"i miss the great-smelling chats we used to have."

"nothin' like a bacon scentence."
by sid lundy August 23, 2007
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A collection of words that makes sense.
There is a grammatical definition as well, but who cares.
"Omg wft lawl pwn!!11!!"
"C'mon, that's not even a scentence"
by migB September 5, 2007
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Noun: a situation which forces a person, the scentenced, to endure unpleasant smell(s), especially for longer periods of time.
Bob's horrible diarrhea meant he was scentenced to the bathroom all weekend long.
by [Dag] September 5, 2007
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Being sentenced in court to be tortured by smelling bad candle scents.
I heard they were Scentenced in court to dank closet punishment. They came out looking like red skull!
by Throckmorton05 July 24, 2021
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when you can't think of a single word to describe how something smells, so you resort to making alphabet soup to describe it.
Person 1: "I Love the smell that you get when you're in the countryside on a warm summers day and there are tractors spraying stuff on the fields"
Person 2:"You mean the smell of shit right? no need for a fucking scentence"
by lvl6pastamancer June 1, 2018
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