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A member of the hacker subculture called Release Groups or Warez Groups, mostly responsible for releasing and spreading (DRM removed) software, movies, music and ebooks. The term is also used to describe the members of the Demoscene: A computer art subculture, specialized in producing demos: non-interactive, audio-visual and real-time presentations on a computer. "Demosceners" origin from Release Groups.
He is not just a programmer, he is a Scener.

If you want to see real computer art, you have to look what the Sceners can do with Demos.

The hacker ethics are similar with the principles of the Sceners. They want information to be free.
by rmssn August 19, 2010
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A scener is one who's a part of the demoscene community, either with coding, graphics, music or other. Often to be found at large scandinavian and european computer festivals - see and for more details on the subject.

Oh, and they dislike gamers.
See for pictures of sceners, and for more info
by Birger Stake March 05, 2004
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Tends to mix completely different cloths and call it 'creative' will do anything to show that they are different or 'unique' from everyone else.
art to them is all about black and white photographs used by old school cameras. they have the emotion of Emo, but the rebellion of punk rockers. Will have hair put up in fohawks or chop it all on different levels as if to say "watch out, I'm hardcore!"
Scener is someone who will fluxuate between happy and upset atleast 3-4 times in a routine day.
by J-Word June 22, 2006
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Sceners are friendly people who discuss "the scene". An example, is where many go to chat and discuss scene related news.
by dee August 20, 2003
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