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The online home of the underground electronic art scene or "demoscene" which was the cultural hub for underground digital artists contributing during the late 80s and 90s.

A lot of l33t or leet slang was invented by scene artists which has now become bastardized kitsch for scene kids to play with.

The underground late 80s emo style of the punk music scene, the 90s Oceanside skater and surf scene, the 90s hardcore music scene, and numerous other scenes have all contributed to the modern day look and feel of the scene as defined here along with the electronic, virtual, and traditional music and arts culture and lifestyle of the people in it. Most scene kids don't know the real roots and just don't care.
WOW those guys who contributed to from ACiD, iCE, and Future Crew like RaD Man, Purple Motion, and Necros really invented much of what scene kids today don't know a flying fuck about.
by scene boy June 09, 2006
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