where a bunch of people get together online and stream something, movies, games, etc

can also be a listening party, which is just audio
i'm hosting a watch party for this movie that just came out
by dicknommer69 October 30, 2019
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A party where the guys all put there watches is a bowl and the ladies draw watches. The owner of the watch and the girl then go to a room and get their freak on together.
"I am going to a watch party this weekend, I hope the ugly chick doesn't draw my watch"

"Dude, Lauran drew my watch at the party last night, she is one crazy freak in the sack."
by Lusty McLester November 26, 2005
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A live stream being broadcast from another device while commentating on the live stream, while it can be joking around or explaining your views on the person live. Ghetto watch party was brought about by the infamous Kari Sanchez-Garcia. The 1st ever Ghetto Watch Party appeared in D.D on Facebook
Guys it's Ghetto Watch Party time, I'm going live so we can all watch so&so live.

"Kari start a GWP on CmC she dry begging again"
by GETYAOWNIDEA August 30, 2021
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Taking party crashing to a whole new level. “Watching” - rather than actually attempting to enter the party, these hoons will find an appropriate vantage point and then stand at a distance observing the party quietly.

Often they will even use the party music to their own advantage by dancing with each other in a remote area on the property.

If spotted by security or anyone within the party they will sprint to their cars and drive off.

Any stray drunk girls that wander into their area could well be in for a bukkake suprise.
John: How good was that party on the weekend
Chris: I wasn't invited but it looked pretty average
John: Did you crash or what?
Chris: Nah just did some party watching for a few hours and bukkaked some bitch at the end with the fella's
John: Form
by D-munz November 20, 2011
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