kaii is an ass but, he/she will always reject that thought. Kaii is a very emotional person but is too shy to say that. No matter how open you think kaii is with you, kaii has never shared every thing. Kaii hates jokes even though they make them , they hate reciving them, mostly jokes about loved ones or there way of life. Kaii is very mean but loves notice.and when people can adore them,if your not intrested in kaii, kai is not intrested in you
"Kaii is a really good person"
by Cosmickaii November 22, 2021
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A girl with the name Kaii is blunt, sarcastic, independent and it’s almost impossible to gain their trust.
Oh hey there is Kaii.
by Sukashiro April 23, 2020
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Person One: liike do yuu wanna go 2 the movies sat.?
Person Two: Kaii.
Person One: Would you like to go to the movies on saturday?
Person Two: That Would Be splendid!
by Samanthaa* November 17, 2007
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The most genuine, cutest and happiest girl on earth! She is like a lamb, simple-minded and carefree.
Omg that’s Kaiying! The one who loves lambs!
by wkyll November 25, 2021
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wow youre kaiied... you have a big brain but and even bigger dick
by Greeeeyyyyyyyy February 24, 2022
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Is the best guy u can ever have .he is a man that can take chances.in a lovable man. You would be very luck have him
Kaiis is a rarely name u would ever hear
by Big 38 November 10, 2019
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A legend in the trickshot community that puts on for the trenches.
“The Opps Are Broke” - ioN Kaii
by ioNOddities October 23, 2023
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