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Darker than darkness. Basically it's absolute darkness - 1
Ruler of all goths. Wears atleast 5lbs of eyeliner, and has to be in ownership of atleast 2 corsets and a pair of high heel combats that go up to the knees. Sounds almost identical to the bad guy played on the Inspector Gadget television shows. Sticks and stones may break her bones but chains and whips definitally excite her! Not normally seen in daylight, but watch out becuase she lurks in the shadows of the night waiting for YOU to be her next tragic victim. You have been warned.
Dockness is the daughter of satan, also considered "Devil's little girl"
by J-Word June 24, 2006

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Tends to mix completely different cloths and call it 'creative' will do anything to show that they are different or 'unique' from everyone else.
art to them is all about black and white photographs used by old school cameras. they have the emotion of Emo, but the rebellion of punk rockers. Will have hair put up in fohawks or chop it all on different levels as if to say "watch out, I'm hardcore!"
Scener is someone who will fluxuate between happy and upset atleast 3-4 times in a routine day.
by J-Word June 22, 2006

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