Elio is a very good person and a handsome man. He have grate hair and you will want to stay with him because he is funny and a good person. He can makes mistake but not in purpose. Anyone want to have a friend like him. If you will be his true friend he will always protect you. He is the most funny person and he always want to win or to be first. Elio is a beautiful name but people refer to them with their nicknames. Everyone whose name is elio is an amazing person. If he get angry you better not say anything to him

Elio is the god of sex. He is handsome and very powerful. He have amazing body.
by Lokui super November 10, 2019
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The hottest motherfucker to live in this world, like this mf is so hot u cant look at him for long or u will become blind.
Person A: Have u heard of Elio?

Person B: No, who is he?

Person A: How do u not know? He is the sexiest guy to every exist.
by A1ko March 12, 2021
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Is that Elio!!!!
Elio is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet get a grip of This fast paced gay, because They will leave any sign of neglect. You and your new bestie. BESTIE?!?! Oh they Elio will love you unconditionally until it gets annoying but they will always have your back. Elio is the walking definition of a ray of fucking sunshine, warm, bubbly, bright, beautiful and ready to steal your heart. Did I also mention that Elio is SMOKING HOT, like DAMN I want a piece of that ass.

With the price of amazing looks and a ridiculous amount of love, Elio has been through a lot and it’s sometimes hard to break down their walls until you see the the good parts, DID I ALSO MENTION THIS KID SEEMS TO ALWAYS BE HIGH ON SUGAR, this most irresponsible and immature childish person you’ll ever meet, ya have to baby them 24/7
Elio has your back with anything when someone hurts you, they are very well educated... in their serial killer side. Yes I said it, they are a insane, but if you fork with Elio, your heads going to be on the black market. Don’t be fooled by this ray of sunshine.
Person1: what do you want to watch Elio
Elio: Ted Bundy‘s new documentary on Netflix?
by Jackson deltore November 6, 2020
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Elio is the sweetest thing on planet earth anyone to get a grip of this fast paced gay is sure to fall in love with their new bestie, BESTIE?!?! Oh yes elio will love you unconditionally except you into her heart with a snap of his/their/her two fingers. Not only is Elio super sweet but is a literal ray of sunshine, she/he/they are the walking definition of sunshine, bright bubbly, warm and beautiful, Elio is the type to sing their heart out in the carpool karaoke and never miss a beat, don’t be fooled by this golden child for they are the most childish person you’ll ever meet, did I mention that they have a wild side, oh yes every gorgeous Elio is just a little bit insane in the head, maybe plotting your death or selling your hair on the black market, chow anyways Elio is the one to keep around, they’ve been through some shit but they always seem to smile at the end of a day
Person1: did it just get bright in here
Person2: nah that’s just Elio

Person1: whatca want to watch
Person2: I heard Elio talk about they new serial killer documentary on Netflix they said it’s good
by Jackson deltore November 6, 2020
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Someone who is very annoying and dumb. Like they are such dumbasses to the point they can’t tell which no/know to use.
Look at this tiny ass elio, small dick bitch
by Smartkid1010 June 5, 2020
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to be a sex god!

also beautiful, intelligent, charismatic, passionate, sensual, fluid with his sexuality, artistic, level-headed, nicely proportioned,

to have great hair!

bilingual, talented, ambitious, a dancer, a listener, a helper, a leader,
to be inspiring,
possesses a great sense of humor, affectionate, great with family, and well-spoken.

He is the kind of guy that you want to keep in your life in any way you can. He will be your best friend forever if he senses you find it as important. He will give you his world, you will want to spend the rest of your life with him.
He will seldom make mistakes but when he does, you will be challenged in ways you never thought you would. You will hurt more than you ever hurt before. You will FEEL more than you ever felt before.
If you can fight the battle, if you can see the future, if you can remember why you loved him... you will win. His heart is bigger than the world, and you will be the one to claim it.
If you let yourself be defeated, you will recover... someday. The people who come after him will make you happy, will give you what you need. Some may even give you more. But they will never give you what he gave you. You will always be missing that, and I am sorry to say that I am still longing for the day that I can feel the way I did once with him.
me: He is perfect!
roommate: He snores while he sleeps... he is as far away from perfect than you can be.
me: He is elio, he snores, and he is perfect.
by mayraflor November 18, 2009
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Elios, Tall, kind of lanky ngl, VERY WONDERFUL TO HANG OUT WITH, brown hair usually, and dead eyes
"What's Up Homesizzle!!" Oh look it's Elios and his friend."
by -QWERTYUIOP- May 10, 2021
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