someone who you smoke up all the time, and then do not return the favor when they have weed of their own
Josh is such a scav, I let him get some hits of my weed like 5 times last week, now he has weed and won't share.
by Blunt Master Willy P October 14, 2007
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Someone who stands next to the canteen waiting to catch someone recieving change, and attack as soon as they exit the line.
usually a senior student at high school victimising a junior student.
"Why's he always hanging round the canteen?"
"coz he's a scav why do you think?"
by imsick September 08, 2005
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hey your scav seriously needs a wash . ring brown bit FUDGE BOX
by hamish mcstuff August 19, 2011
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Shorter form of Scaffenger,

Used to describe an upholstery in the "any way" trend. So, such an environment, museum, or multiple-floor playground would be suitable rooms. An example is "Wow, look at that Vase sitting on that Scav" or "Can you believe that Scav was used in an older Rembrant painting"

Can also be used to describe a large object used for raising a priceless figure or moment, such as a work of talent or personal belongings
Alternatively used to refer to a scavenger
Hey man, if you could scav up some decorations and accesories and bring them here next time we are entrapped alone, that would be my go-to first plan.

Ex.2) Hey mate if you scav up maybe you'll get high enough to wingfly with a dive
by flamingspeedrun February 02, 2021
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