Professional Managerial Class. Middle-class professionals typically who typically are educated and have business training and qualifications, and some advanced university degrees;

e.g. academics, teachers, social workers, engineers, managers, nurses, and middle-level administrators, The PMC typically have above-average incomes.
The Republicans suck up to the PMC by giving them tax breaks and stripping the industry of fundamental business regulations. which really doesn't benefit the PMC in the lower rung. And the transfer of all the wealth to the rich limits the PMC's opportunity, especially when the middle class and poor no longer have money for discretionary spending on their products.
by mlhiss December 20, 2019
The high speed PMC has a M.C.L.M.M patch on his softshell jacket.
by Cam Chaos June 5, 2006
The Post Meal Cigarette. Widely accepted to be the second most important cigarette of the day, only the first cigarette of the days importance trumps the PMC.
Guy A: Alright Im full, anyone else wanna head outside for a PMC
Guy B: Hell yeah!
by Silenius May 15, 2008
Peel My Cock (me pelas la verga in English)
Oscar you can PMC 2Xs
by hdwilly December 31, 2022
Potential Man Candy.

Someone who is attractive and who you would possibly go out with.
Tomorrow, I'm going PMC hunting with my friends at the mall. It is going to be epic~!
by pondertheworld May 22, 2009
"MOM!!!! Get out of my PMC, can't you see I'm working!!!"
"My parents left so I turned their room into my PMC."
"You have allergies? Don't worry I have an extra box of tissues in my PMC"
by Cpt Long Dong Sliver August 12, 2011
Someone who suffers from a peasant mind, unable to see reality. Stuck in a world with no back bone to make it anywhere in life. Stuck not knowing the truth, to be able to succeed. No matter what they achieve, there mind too inferior to be in control. Being told whats right, blind and unable to see what is.
"That dude suffers from PMC."
"So does the dude writing this definition."
by BaKeD May 15, 2013