The act of which a group of people (usually men) run in different directions (scatter) to avoid confromation from and unreliable source or trouble.
Oh man there is the principal, SCATTER!

or just simply

by Kevin Fletcher May 16, 2007
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Where a group of people throw objects at cars to try and get chased.
Person 1) lets get some scatters

Person 2) ok
by 01429 April 01, 2017
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Scattered is when your somewhere and something comes and you leave abruptly
Mark : Then the police came so we all scattered
by colourful bird Oioi September 24, 2016
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Used in the bottom of West Philadelphia to describe some one who is reckless or careless in his/her actions.
He's gonna get Raheem on you. That boah is scattered.
by Lbs. December 23, 2006
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Someone of a messy disposition, for example they could be lanky, have messy hair, or just generally be disorganised.
Oh look at Christine, she's such a scatter!
by Al October 13, 2004
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1)someone that shits on you during anal sex
2)a dog (or human) that eats thier own (or others) shit
1)dont mess with her she's a scatter
past tense: someone scattered me the other night
by fulltilt monkey August 14, 2007
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Scattered is another word for a junky, drug taker, ferral looking thing
Gee Shes a fucking scattered cunt
by 69bra March 08, 2018
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