A military member who is one of the BAD mother fuckers youve gotta watch out for that will be so brainwashed that they would follow orders to kill or torture american citizens if the SHTF and the US govt was to allow military to engage,detain and kill US citizens. In a SHTF scenario there will be defectors that will not want to hurt americans by following the Constitution, however, there will still be some guys like supre high trained rangers and seals and PJ's that will do anything they are ordered to do,..those are the scarries.
I've got a convoy rolling through, no scarries.

I was on a patrol and ran into some scarries.
by Moses the Wanderer January 03, 2012
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beyond scary. freakishly scary beyond all normal means.
wow, that girl who looks at profiles obsessively from her secret screen names sure is scarrie.
by alex March 02, 2004
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Short for Scarisbrick. A mysterious kingdom near Ormskirk. Home of rapper TF and the Scarry soljas gang. Not a place to be fucked with.
omg stay outta scarry, you'll get shot.
by skillzmaster August 09, 2008
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The scarier version of Carrie Underwood, the day after without all of the Nashville makeup. Alternatively, the uglier Carrie groupies that work real hard to get that look.
Dude, after a night of drinking and banging that hot blonde that looked like Carrie Underwood - when she rolled over in the morning... Holy Crap, more like Scarrie Underwood.
by Daddy UW October 30, 2012
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