Not literally scared but used as “ you crazy as hell.”
by A_vale April 30, 2022
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A semi-sarcastic phrase used when you’re shocked and/or offended by soemthing someone has done or said.

If you’re talking about multiple people, replacing “you” with “y’allmakes sense.
Lauren: Yeahhhh it’s nothing but Patrenn’usse all weekend fs.
Kennedy: Patrenn’usse????? I’m scared of you.
by itsjaaassss March 20, 2019
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Exclamation meaning someone's response was so good or correct that you would not challenge it. Similar to 'You go, boy!' or You go, girl!'
Mother, while putting away laundry, says to her teen-aged son, 'Do you know where the dust cloths go?" The son replies, "In the laundry room closet, on the shelf next to the furniture polish." The mother replies, "ooo I'm scared of you!" in a surprised voice.
by Hor-Aha March 3, 2017
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when he goes for a pee you enter his room and leave something of personal value. like a friendly message but not 100% traceable.
"hey did you put the nutella jar on my keyboard?"
"so then i come back and im freaking out coz theres a buzzing dildo in my pressure cooker!"

"im sorry i didnt mean to scare you. Its my bad romance ♡"
by Krkič November 8, 2020
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