Of Irish origin meaning "scandal" or "scandalous" in gaelic. Generally spelled with -an in southern Ireland and -on in northern Ireland
Rebecca Scanlan sure is a hottie!
by Becscan February 12, 2013
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A lanky jewish scotsmen who drinks too much whisky and tends to shout 'GYPSY' when he see's blue ford fiestas or small people.
'GYPSY' shouted ellie scanlan when she saw rory walking through the high street.
by kirksyu December 29, 2006
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A horny gnome bard who wants to bed everyone in the realm. Come on, he's not ashamed of it!
You got Scanlan'd
(You got Scanlan'd)
By lightning, you got struck by the baddest motherfucker
You got Scanlan'd
(You got Scanlan'd
by BuonGiornoBrovanna September 11, 2022
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A useless midget southern Dick head, also known as Scutt.
Useless to the point of no return and endeavours to talk shit all the time.
Zack Scanlan is a ultracrepidarian!
And is a massive fucking Scutt.
by The Slavery Gafa January 23, 2018
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Word used for calling a woman hot, slutty and sexy. It can also be used in a bad manor
Shes some Margaret Scanlan
by Owen S😹 March 14, 2023
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your lord and savior, Scanlan Shorthalt, he is here to bed you, your mother, your father, your brother(s) and sister(s), etc.
hey, did you go to the scanlan concert last week?
No, my mom locked me in my room to stop me from going.
Yeah, we all got hella drunk and got each other laid.
Now i see why she didn’t want me to go.
dude, your mom was there.
by BuonGiornoBrovanna December 1, 2022
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