12 definitions by barbaroja

A butch woman possibly is a closet lesbian; the majority of your friends are boy and your outfit is sportswear and masculine.
Johan: Martha is a tomboy and feminist
by barbaroja September 3, 2022
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Girl apparenting have interest in you through social network but she have hidden intention.

She make a report through social network about you and want hurt your integrity and reputation.
Me: She is a scammer-girl, she tell an anecdote about your life and then solicit some material

Lover: She block me and change your number; she want break the window of my car and hit me with a friend
by barbaroja August 27, 2022
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An account used for trick and extort gullible man. Generally the profile picture is an attractive woman.
I was extorted for a fake account in ܳtwitter.
by barbaroja December 29, 2022
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When feel illusion, when acquire an engagement, when really exist reciprocity between a man and a woman
I feel love for one girl but she have interest in another men
by barbaroja July 12, 2023
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Is like the faith, the love can't get for the force
Nice guy: I feel some for you
Crush: I love you like my brother
by barbaroja December 30, 2022
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For Lesbians, TikTok Is ‘the Next Tinder’

Young women feeling alienated by dating apps and bar culture are finding love on their For You pages.
Me: My crush i think so that she is a lesbian, she have an account in tik tok showing your nipple in a video clip
by barbaroja February 27, 2023
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He think so that the life is rose-colored or a vale of tears; he think so that a girl must prioritize him still she having partner.
Girl: Have boyfriend
Gay guy confused: She is a fake friend
by barbaroja March 21, 2023
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