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Someone who does not enjoy spending their own money and tries to get money or goods off of other people.

Can be used as a noun or a verb. As an adjective it is 'scaffy'.
Verb: "Maw, gonna let us scaff twen'y poun'?"
Noun: "Haw you, ya scaff!"
Adjective: "That's pure scaffy, stealin' a wee boy's bike."
by Maggie Nixx July 27, 2005
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Noun :
(1)a person whose appearance is down-at-heel possibly wearing a tracksuit and/or brightly coloured baseball cap at a ridiculously steep angle.

(2) A friendly informal name between friends.

(3) A person who attempts to obtain an item for free or at a discount.

verb :
(1)to do very little.
(2)to obtain something by subterfuge or for free.


Scaffy - To resemble a scaff.
Example of usage(2) :"Alright scaff, did ye get ma mars bar?"

Example of usage(3):"Naw, ah'm no buying ye a fuckin mars bar, ya scaff"

Example of verb (1) : "Ah jist scaffed about in the house aw day"

Example of verb usage (2): "Ah pure scaffed a mars bar aff him"

Scaffy : "Ah've no shaved and ah jist flung these auld trackies oan - I look pure scaffy."
by McDee August 13, 2004
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a "person" who is in desperate need of a wash. They tend to be very dirty and smelly. They think drugs are the only way forward and have no hope in life.
david ritchie is the biggest scaff in the world
by iain April 05, 2003
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A Scaff is an ugly cunt that can't get any mates, other than his (or her) own scaffy pals. Scaffs are easy to spot, they will undoubtedly have dirty knees, yellow teeth and be surrounded by a cloud of smoke.
1. ''That scaff Liam Kell needs to get himself a fucking bath''
by J+B April 04, 2003
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stands for Senior Chicks Are For Fags..made by a couple of dick head senior guys from BHS who are so insecure that they have nothing better to do with their lives than make fun of other people. Their not hot and can't drink without looking like a complete fuck. The only reason they made the "club" up in the first place is to cover up for the fact that they can't get ass from any of the Cape girls. the clan is slowly decreasing and really only consists of one person who sadly devoted his whole senior year to scaff and who probably will get his ass kicked in college, beat his wife(if he can find someone desperate enough to marry him in the first place), and live the rest of his life knowing he is a stupid low life fuck with no friends but his own penis.
by RML May 02, 2005
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