violent evil little mole, turns crazy when theres a full moon.
by Amy Mann February 6, 2004
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a black spot that is on your face. this black spot will take over your body and make you an avil (retard). this als makes you unable to speak properly and make you think that everyone shaves thier legs.

moleys can be removed but only with an opperation. moley can also be used as an offensive word. for instance as fuck or retard."fuckin moley" if you do something stupid
omg i have a moley on my face "hey you shave your legs"

holy molie scratch my moley

fuckin mole
by us moley March 6, 2006
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A person with a mole
They are most of the time a slag
Nat Smith the slag of the year with a moley on her chin and has no friends and is a bi sexual
by Adam Fisher August 2, 2007
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the sweetest, cutest gurl EVER! loves men sooo incredibly much and especially her bf joe!! funny, horny and the coolest person to hang out with!
MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY!! moley luvs u!
by jimmyjoebob January 3, 2004
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Derogatory term for a black person. Used popularly in the late 1980's, especially in the military.
Why do those damn moleys have to play their rap so loud!
by Jerry Jinglebells June 22, 2010
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Moley is a plush sold by He is round, usually blue in color, small stubby arms, and a yellow beak and star shaped antennae. His eyes are always closed, and he always looks a bit sleepy– but don't be fooled! He is in a constant state of distress! Every second above the soil he is in excruciating pain, his eyes pleading for you to bury him. Bury him! Bury him, RIGHT NOW!

Moley comes in 3 different color variations, simply named 'Moley, 'Moley B' and 'Moley C'.
Moley is blue with a yellow beak and yellow star antennae.
Moley B is purple and incredibly fluffy! His beak is light blue, and his star antennae is yellow.
Moley C looks a bit like an orange. His fur is normal length, unlike Moley B. He is primarily orange with a yellow beak and green star antennae,
No matter which Moley you get, it will always be adorable! Just make sure to bury him- QUICK!
Jam and Toast are discussing Jam's recently purchased Moley.

Toast: "So, how's Moley doing? Have you buried him yet?"
Jam: "Bury him?! You want me to kill him?!? What is wrong with you?"
Toast: gasp "Don't you know? Every second above soil for Moley is pain! Quick, bury him as soon as you can!"
Jam: "What?"
Jam: "OKAY! GOT IT!"

Luckily, Jam buried his Moley before it had experienced TOO much pain.

Be careful, bury your Moley!
by pastel_kindaa November 17, 2022
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John Parry has the biggest mole on his left ear.
Whoa! Look at that mole on his head! He's a Moley!
by John1992 July 16, 2008
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