South America/Spanish/South Carolina/Southport Beak - a form of cocaine originating from a specific location starting with S - strength may vary according to region
Need to get some SB for tonight - who's gonna make the phonecall?

Man that SB was wack!

Dude I can't feel my face after that SB!
by The Taxi Man November 6, 2013
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SB (Small Boto)- a person who cant do work and forwards messages . Someone who has to ask another person for help when trying to get at a chic .
SB: What do I say, she said this: FWD: Hey . ) Yah ."
C1: "Now say this "Haha yeah I'm not too shy tho! I'm not trying to rush anything between us, lets take our time and get to know ea other a lil more."
by SB&&C1 July 9, 2010
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Short for 'Sha Bi' which means stupid boy in Chinese. It can refer to any person makes you feel uncomfortable.
someone takes your umbrella by mistake or on purpose, you have to walk home in the rain. you can say
A SB took my umbrella.
by ayu wang September 3, 2008
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Ight boys imma sbs, be back in 20
by Jewms42069 October 13, 2019
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Something your friend refuses to tell you even with how many times you ask them
Friend 1: Whats SBS?
Friend 2: No
by ClassicalMemes November 10, 2019
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John: I am callling in sick because of a serious case of SBS.

Wendy: Okay, I am sure everyone at your work will understand
by Potterag September 27, 2009
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Short for Shabi which is a Chinese word for dumbass!
Daquan is a fucking SB, you need to stop hanging out with him dawg!
by Whomanshu November 13, 2018
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