People say it is used as snap back on snapchat but I say that it is used in real life as stupid bitch.
My best friend: *Starts running away*
Me: oh no you don't!
My best friend: Oh yes I do!
Me: get back here you sb!
My best friend: what does that mean?
Me: you stupid bitch!
My best friend: Okay good!
Me: Why good?
My best friend: you are now the sb for telling me haha!
Me: Oh why you little sb I will so be getting you back for this one!
by KassWritesDefinitions February 6, 2022
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Stupid bitch or stupid boy or sometimes sad baby/boy/bitch
example1: "I wonder what the weed man's deals will be for Black Friday"
example2: "sb😂"
by baddieteskitit November 23, 2017
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Short for 'send back'. People usually put it on their snapchats and stuff if they want your opinion.
Ellie: sb if I should wear the red dress or blue dress.

Micheal: sb if you can come to my party tonight.
by lolm869 August 3, 2017
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mostly used on stan twitter when you softblock somone.
just sb oomf they are so annoying
by hongjoong September 29, 2019
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It means Snap back, referring to when someone says snap for tbh (to be honest) and they want one back.
Friends story: snap for tbh SB
Me: me
Friend: tbh you a stank hoe now SB
Me: tbh yo pussy smell like the Nova Scotia pier
by TIC-TAC TANGE March 18, 2017
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