Sprung Bitch

To be head over heals for a person, something, a multitude of people; thus, causing you to be a man whore or a slut.
He's such an SB. Always with his girlfriend all the time.
by DingusDann December 17, 2013
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we are proper SB's coz where like sicker than sick
by SB Central January 20, 2013
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nike "Skate Brand" shoes.
I just picked up a pair of SB's at the dunk exchange.
by rhs13 March 2, 2006
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The acroynm for the term, smug bastard. Often used to describe a person who is highly sure of themselves. Can be used in a conversation when someone is being a snob-like douche hole.
Joanna is such an sb just because she got a raise.
by Refused September 1, 2010
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Abbreviation for Skinny Boy.

Usually used when someone is skinny or as a sarcastic gesture to someone who is overweight.

Also used in rap name "SB Sam"
by Hdhdusndju172 February 27, 2021
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An SB is an abbreviated phrase meaning Soy Boy.

A Soy Boy is an effeminate Liberal wimp with no damsels and no muscles.
Dina Afraymovich is such a friggen SB! Imagine passing out by getting hit on the elbow! What a lib chump.
by lime99 December 20, 2022
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On Snapchat people usually say sb as an abbreviation for snap back which means send a picture back and that would start a conversation
Bored someone sb please
by Whats_poppin_bro November 13, 2017
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