1. as a verb to chirp, or make fun of.
2. as a noun
"Nice, shoes bud. Where'd you get them, West 49?"
"Are you beakin' man?"

"Hey buddy, did your mom cut your hair?"
"Haha good beak."
by P. Benz November 15, 2009
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"Bro, got any drugs I can beak?"
by Mr. Chubbly December 31, 2013
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To shut up. To shut your beak. Used especially when the person is a pigeon, a fool.
Dan, shut your fucking beak, you pigeon.
by Hickory Jay January 23, 2020
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A secret term used among shoplifters.
An term used when your going to steal something.
useful so no one can understand you
"Hey, what did you beak yesterday?"
"Stop beaking, its bad"
by XkamikazeX March 5, 2009
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Colloquial terminology for Class A narcotics, administered by inhalation.
Here mate, you been on a daft one?, your jaws done a lap round your head!
"yeah, our Paulie give us last off's on his bag of beak, im mullered'
by JeanClaudeVanGram June 5, 2020
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In reference to someone's big nose;
"You ever watched that show, Blossom? Now, that bitch has a big ass beak!"

"Dude is always sniffing around, with his beak. Gonzoe looking mothafucka".
by Lauleneke Lukini Brown March 17, 2022
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