meaning- "for real?" this phrase is most commonly used by people with the nickname of " SKIP ".if used for every away message others will be annoyed.
Boat: whats good skip?
Skip: nuttin dogg.
Boat:yo i fucked that bitch last night.
Skip: "say word?"
by "Boat". aka. " Lil Lip" January 30, 2006
Asking for confirmation or to ask someone to swear something is true.
Man I just got this bitch that looks like Beyonce's phone number.

Say word son

by duggit December 28, 2005
To be asked to leave a location and to return home. Word, meaing to say hello, and Big Bird, meaning Sesame Street, or any other kids TV show, often watched by a person of low intelligence.
Touvtam Guy: Where are my cases of kosher pudding pops?! Who has eaten my box of kosher ghettoOs?! What has happened to my pallet of kosher beer?!

Dave Diamond: Say "Word" to Big Bird, Bitch. Get the fuck out, now!
by February 7, 2005
well DUH SAY WORD 2 BIG BIRD dont it tell u ? or r ya 2 fucking stuid!?
Hommie #1- hey yo u c that huge dunk by SHAQ

Hommie #2 Oh shit Say Word 2 Big Bird!
by BigBird March 17, 2004
asking someone if they are being serious
basically asking for their word.
tina- I won alot of money
joe- say your word
tina- my word
by M3NZI3S' May 10, 2008
it’s inappropriate and violent!
if you say a cuss word then you will like...
going to jail🤔
no more saying cuss words guys
by stopitt January 5, 2021
"Ginger Says The N-Word" is the nickname of a red head student at Watertown High School, MA. After harassing other students and using the N-word, those students have started to refer him as Ginger Says The N-Word. Now the entirety of the High School knows him as the racist, pasty white kid that says the n-word.
"Oh my God look, it's Ginger Says The N-Word!"
"How are you Ginger Says The N-Word?"
by Kanye Vest February 14, 2019