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Person you see at Smiles, a Go-Go bar in Ledgewood, New Jersey. Spends large amounts of time, and even larger amounts of money, all in a hopeless effort to have sexual relations. Then goes to the Shop Rite and tells everyone how much fun he had there.
Pocono Johnny: What?! The town is worried about the White Castle in Ledgewood because of what type of people it would bring in? Its right next to Smiles! You go in there, you see Dickerson with his dick hard!
by billtaylor.com February 05, 2005
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Shop Rite word for anything that is mistakenly sent in place of something else from the ghetto Shop Rite wharehouse. Based on actual events.
MC Ghandi: Yo, Yo, Yo! What da fuck, man?! I open up the truck for paper bags and instead we got a pallet of kosher beer! Whats that shit?! Fuck that! I'll get me some Bacardi and go drinking because its Indian New Year tonight.

Wheel: Word.
by billtaylor.com February 06, 2005
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To be asked to leave a location and to return home. Word, meaing to say hello, and Big Bird, meaning Sesame Street, or any other kids TV show, often watched by a person of low intelligence.
Touvtam Guy: Where are my cases of kosher pudding pops?! Who has eaten my box of kosher ghettoOs?! What has happened to my pallet of kosher beer?!

Dave Diamond: Say "Word" to Big Bird, Bitch. Get the fuck out, now!
by billtaylor.com February 06, 2005
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